Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In which I try to explain the need for yet another travel blog

I've debated starting my own Travel site for years, probably ever since it occurred to me that it would make my life easier...

I typically just referred people to some of the travel blogs I followed and often emailed links to threads that happened to be particularly useful. Sometimes however, this just didn't quite seem to do the trick.  I frequently felt that things were being left out or thought that explanations could be more clear.  Nothing against any existing travel bloggers, I just think that a different perspective can be useful at times.  I should be clear, most of my knowledge on the subject comes from spending a vast amount of time reading everything I can find on the subject of travel. I have been heavily influenced by blogs like View from the Wing and The Frugal Travel Guy over the last few years. On occasion, I've come across things that either aren't covered or haven't been explained to my liking.  This will serve as an outlet for these topics as well as anything I come across that relates to Points, Cash or Miles.

Simply put, I decided to go ahead and start the blog because I feel that I can offer something different than what's already being offered.  I know I won't always have all the answers or even the best explanations to for the answers I do have.  In such cases I'll do my best to point you in the direction of another blogger or website who may be more of an authority on a particular subject.

Update: 04-04-2012 - As you may notice from the initial date on this post, I've once again got started with the idea of my travel site but got distracted / procrastinated / put it off for later.  No more of that; I'm getting things moving for real this time.

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