Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 Free Best Buy Reward Zone Points - Audience Rewards Trivia

Best Buy Reward Zone - Audience Reward Trivia

Originally I wasn't going to post the Best Buy Audience Rewards Trivia questions as they don't really directly relate to travel, but then I was reminded that I started collecting Reward Zone points as they can be converted to airline miles though  the exchange rates aren't particularly great but the transfer did cont for a US Airways Grand Slam "Hit" last year (Look for further Grand Slam info in the fall).
Here are the current Questions (and Answers):

In which of the following Jersey Boys songs does Frankie Valli’s character NOT have the lead vocals/solo line? December 1963
          (Oh, What a Night)
What is the first song that “Guy” and “Girl” sing together in Once?
          Falling Slowly
Where is Celia Keenan-Bolger from?
          Detroit, Michigan
In what year does Magic/Bird begin?
True or False? The Lyons is a musical.
Where did Josh Young, of Jesus Christ Superstar, go to school?
          Syracuse University

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