Monday, May 7, 2012

12 Free Best Buy Reward Zone Points - Audience Rewards Trivia

This Morning, six new Audience Rewards Trivia Questions have been posted for Best Buy RewardZone. I noticed that my RewardZone account has 206 points as of this morning so, if you have your RewardZone account set to issue certificates at the $5.00 level, you may want to consider changing this to a higher dollar amount if you prefer to transfer the points rather than receive the $5.00 off at Best Buy reward.  This can be checked at

The Trivia Questions and answers:

Which of the following did the director of Memphis, Christopher Ashley, NOT direct? 
          Shrek, the Musical
What is the name of the character played [by] Celia Keenan Bolger in Peter and the Starcatcher?
What was the last musical that Kate Jennings Grant was in on Broadway? 
          Guys and Dolls
What composer’s music makes up Nice Work If You Can Get It? 
          George Gershwin
Which of the following actors was NOT in the movie Leap of Faith? 
          Robert Downey, Jr.
What kind of shop does Mrs. Corry own in Mary Poppins? 
          A Talking Shop

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