Thursday, May 17, 2012

12 Free Best Buy Reward Zone Points - Audience Rewards Trivia - 05-17-2012

This Morning, six new Audience Rewards Trivia Questions worth 12 Reward Zone points have been posted for Best Buy RewardZone.  

Best Buy Reward Zone - Audience Reward Trivia

Here are the Audience Rewards Trivia Questions (and Answers) for today:

True or False? The original first act of The Phantom of the Opera was presented at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s home. 
What is the last song of Act I in Jersey Boys? 
          Walk Like a Man
The Wicked backstage tour, Behind the Emerald Curtain, was formed by a man who played what role in the original Broadway company? 
          The Witch’s Father
What is Mr Banks’ first name? 
David Ives is from what US City? 
Aside from Eva Peron, what other real life character has Elena Roger portrayed on stage? 
          Edith Piaf

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