Saturday, May 19, 2012

12 Free US Airways Dividend Miles - Audience Rewards Trivia - 05-18-2012

These were posted much later than I expected - might not be 100% correct on calling them questions from the 18th, but either way here are the newest 6 US Airways Audience Rewards Trivia Questions and Answers

US Airways Audience Rewards Trivia

Nina Arianda grew up partly in what country other than the USA?
The Araca Group is a production and general management company that got their start with what musical?
In what theatre did The Lion King originally open on Broadway?
          The New Amsterdam
A song from Memphis was on an album released in 2004 by what well-known band?
          Bon Jovi
By the finale of Jersey Boys, which of the following of the original members has passed away, according to their final moments in the show?
          Nick Massi
What soap opera did Tammy Blanchard, of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, begin her film/tv career on?
          Guiding Light

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