Wednesday, May 2, 2012

12 Free US Airways Miles and 10 Free Starwood (SPG) Points - Audience Rewards Trivia - 04-28-2012 / 04-29-2012

I was traveling for a few days and ended up being without a laptop, so I wasn't able to get these trivia questions up in a timely fashion.  On the off chance that Someone looking for the answers hasn't already went elsewhere to find them, Here are the questions and answers for the latest Audience Rewards Trivia Questions for US Airways and Starwood (SPG) Hotels:

US Airways Audience Rewards Trivia Questions and Answers from 04-28-2012

US Airways Audience Rewards Trivia

What year did the novel of War Horse come out?
Which of the following Broadway regulars is NOT in Nice Work If You Can Get It?
          Megan Hilty
Which of the following films was Janus Cercone NOT involved in?
          Death to Smoochie
Venus in Fur deals largely with which of the following issues?
True or False? Evita takes place entirely in one country.
Where did Mamma Mia! originally premiere in the U.S.?
          San Francisco

SPG Audience Rewards Trivia Questions and Answers from 04-29-2012

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Points - Audience Rewards Trivia

In what famous sitcom did Linda Lavin star?
True or False? With Lin-Manuel Miranda, Thomas Kail wrote the closing rap for the 65th Tony Awards telecast on June 12, 2011.
The opening of the second act of Peter and the Starcatcher features the cast dressed as what?
What was the last show that Matthew Broderick was in on Broadway?
          The Philanthropist
What production company was behind Leap of Faith?

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