Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free 90 day Trial of Hyatt Platinum Status

Hyatt Gold Passport 90 Days Trial Platinum link - From Visa Signature

This was covered by most of the prominent travel blogs last month.  I waited to sign up because I knew I didn't have an immediate need for the status so I figured I'd wait as long as possible to stretch the potential usage of the Platinum benefits.

Visa Signature card holders in the U.S. can register their U.S.-issued Visa Signature card number by May 11, 2012 for 90 days of instant Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite status. This status level has the following benefits:

- free internet
- 15% bonus points
- possibility of room upgrades(availability based)
- 2pm late check-out
- Expedited Check-in

Platinum members also receive a Platinum Extras certificate every 3rd stay which can be used for bonus points, dining discounts or room upgrades.

Most of us that play the Credit Cards for Signup bonuses game probably have a Visa Signature card in our aresenal, I happen to have a Citi Hhonors Visa that I'm using to sign up for the promo. If you don't have one, keep in mind that the site doesn't require it to be your card number, any valid number will work.

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