Monday, July 30, 2012

Audience Rewards Trivia Updates 07-30-2012

Audience Reward Trivia update 07-30-2012
There seems to be a change in the Audience Rewards program; where we previously had different sets of questions for each of the partner programs, there is now one set of questions which is listed on each of the partner sites.  The questions can only be answered once, so you need to pick which partner program you want to earn the points in.  I’ve listed all 4 links below; though personally, I’ll be using the SPG link as I value their points more than Delta or US miles.

Your Trivia Questions and Answers for 07-30-2012:
§  What lyric finishes this phrase - "Oh, what a night! Late December back in ___"?
  • Felicia makes her radio debut singing what song?
  •   Which of the following shows did NOT have an actress nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical in 2012?

Leap of Faith
  • Which New York Mayor is portrayed in Newsies?
Robert A. Van Wyck
  • Who stared in the film version of Bring It On ?
Kirsten Dunst
  • On what famous street does Rock of Ages take place?
Sunset Boulevard
  • What Country is Evita primarily set in?
  • How many 2012 Tony Awards was One Man Two Guvnors  nominated for ?

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