Thursday, August 9, 2012

Audience Rewards Trivia for 08-09-2012

Audience Reward Trivia update 08-09-2012

For some reason I was expecting these on Monday but it appears we are back to the new questions every 10 days schedule.

There seems to be a change in the Audience Rewards program; where we previously had different sets of questions for each of the partner programs, there is now one set of questions which is listed on each of the partner sites. The questions can only be answered once, so you need to pick which partner program you want to earn the points in. I’ve listed all 4 links below; though personally, I’ll be using the SPG link as I value their points more than Delta or US miles.

Your Trivia Questions and Answers for 08-09-2012:

§  True or False? Old Jews Telling Jokes has two acts, and one intermission.

·         Aside from winning the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, what other famous award did Clybourne Park win in 2011?
The Pulitzer Prize

·         Which of the following movies was Nicholas Hytner NOT involved in?
Shakespeare in Love

§  True or False? Both Celia and Andrew Keenan Bolger went to the University of Michigan.

§  Michael Morpurgo wrote the book that what Broadway play is based on?
War Horse

§  True or False? Bring It On, The Musical is based on a movie.

§  What show won the Tony Award Best Book of a Musical in 2012?

§  True or False? "When Your Mind's Made Up" has two versions in Once. One is as is, and one replaces "Made" with a swear word.

§  In the show, Newsies, there is a big dance number that famously involves what prop?

§  Which of the following shows has Kristin Blodgette not worked on?
Billy Elliot

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