Monday, September 10, 2012

Audience Rewards Trivia Update 09-03-2012

So I'm not exactly sure how I missed this last week - I'm going to blame the Holiday...

Audience Reward Trivia update 09-03-2012

There seems to be a change in the Audience Rewards program; where we previously had different sets of questions for each of the partner programs, there is now one set of questions which is listed on each of the partner sites.  The questions can only be answered once, so you need to pick which partner program you want to earn the points in.  I’ve listed all 4 links below; though personally, I’ll be using the SPG link as I value their points more than Delta or US miles.
Your Trivia Questions and Answers for 09-03-2012:
  • At what theatre is The Performers set to play this year?
The Longacre

  • Which of the following Broadway shows has Anne L. Nathan, of Once, NOT been in?
Billy Elliot

  • What is the name of Stacee Jaxx’s band?
  • True or False? Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf is generally over 3 hours long.

  • How many original Newsies cast members are making their Broadway Debut?

  • What is the last song of Act I of Evita?
           A New Argentina

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