Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Club Carlson 50% bonus on purchased points

So the Club Carlson Global Getaway Sweepstakes has ended along with the 100 free points per day.  If you haven't already seen the points ahow up in you account they should be appearing there in the near future.  Now you may be wondering what to do with these points and that's where the Club Carlson current 50% bonus on purchased points comes in to play.

Club Carlson points usually cost $7.00 per 1,000 so with this 50% bonus offer you can get 1,500 points per $7 not bad considering a low end free night takes 9,000 points.

If you weren't able to participate in the Global Getaway Sweepstakes, this could be a way to top off an account cheaply.  I think the obvious use here is the cash and points redemption.  If you managed to get at least 2,000 points for this promotion which was easily obtainable as this required entering less than half of the days the promotion ran, it would only take $14 to get the additional 3,000 points you need for a cash and points stay at the 5,000 points plus cash level.  This might not generate huge savings, but it at least makes all those contest entries worth your while.

Additionally it may be worth looking at a category 1 free night redemption.  If you managed to get 3,000 points out of the promotion you only need 6,000 more points for a low end Category 1 free night and you can pickup these points for just $28.  There might not be a ton of category one properties you want to stay at (in fact only 17 total in the US) but it could be a good deal if one of the hotels match up to your travel plans. 

I don't think the bonus is good enough to just buy points outright, but if you have a specific redemption in mind, this could be a great deal.

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