Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Earn SPG Points for Dining Without a Hotel Stay

I have to admit that for most of us this probably doesn't happen very often, so this may not be a major miles opportunity, but over the years there have been various occasions where I have found myself dining (or having drinks) at a hotel where I'm not staying.

A unique and easily forgotten benefit of the Starwood Preferred Guest Program is the ability to earn points at the same rate you would for a hotel stay on dining or drinks without a stay.  I believe there is a $15 minimum to earn points and technically you are supposed to ask for your points and provide your SPG number at the time of purchase but as I recently found out, it's easy to get the points after the fact as well.

I recently had dinner at the Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls, and despite paying for the meal using an SPG American Express card, I wasn't able to remember to ask for my points and provide my SPG number while I was at the hotel.

Here's an example email that could be sent when asking to have your points credited to you SPG account:
Re:Earning Points for Dining without Stay
Dear SPG Researchers, 
It's my understanding that I can receive Starwood Preferred Guest points from dining at SPG properties without actually staying at the hotel.  I recently dined at [Restaurant Name] at the Sheraton in [City Name].  I have attached a digital copy of my receipt to this e-mail.
I would appreciate if you could look into getting the points added to my account (Member # XXXXXXXXXX).  Also please let me know if this is the best way to be submitting this type of request or if I should be doing something differently.
Thank You for your Assistance,

After sending the e-mail, I immediately received a response that my message had been received and by the following day, the points were in my account.

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