Thursday, October 4, 2012

Did Hhonors Take Away Diamond Benefits?

Gary over at View from the Wing has concerns this morning over same changes to the Hhonors benefits page "Did Hilton Hhonors Steal my snack?".  This worried me so I took a look myself and it does appear that the wording for Embassy Suites has changed, from three snacks to two, not really a concern for me since I always took the points anyway.  The worrisome part was that the wording change on the HHonors website for Conrad / DoubleTree/ Hilton  on the Member Benefits page under Explore Hhonors.  This page indicates that you must choose between the free breakfast and 1,000 extra points.

The Hotel Benefits page under the My Profile section of the site (when logged in) does not show these changes and does not allow you to make a selection between the options. Additionally, a confirmation e-mail I receieved for a stay I booked yesterday afternoon shows all of the benefits and does not indicate that a choice is required.   

I think this is nothing more than a mistake that will be corrected.  As far as I can tell the Conrad / DoubleTree / Hilton benefits have not in fact changed.  We may have lost a snack at Embassy Suites, I don't really care as I prefer the points anyway.

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