Sunday, January 13, 2013

12 Free Points or Miles - Audience Rewards Trivia 1-13-2013

Regular posting will commence / resume on the 7th but in the meantime here's a quick Audience Rewards Trivia Update:

Audience Reward Trivia update

You can pick any one of the 4 programs to answer the questions, but you only get to answer them once.  As usual I'll be focusing on the SPG program as I value Starwood points more highly than the rest

Your Trivia Questions and Answers for 1-13-2013:

Cougar, the Musical plays what Off Broadway theatre? 
St Luke's Theatre
What pop star is behind the music for the upcoming Broadway show, Kinky Boots? 
Cyndi Lauper
What religion is prominently featured in bare: the musical? 
What new Disney musical has been rumored to be coming to Broadway in the spring of 2013 after Mary Poppins closes? 
Where is Sherrie in Rock of Ages originally from? 
Who directed The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway? 
Harold Prince

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