Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year - New Task List

Happy New Year !!! (I may have started this post about a week ago but just finished it this morning)

I figured I'd start the year off with a bit of a task list of things I'm doing to get the year started off right in the Points Cash Miles world.

  •  Check your hotel points and airline mileage account balances and more importantly, the expiration dates.  I started with this task because I consider it to be the most important.  there's nothing I hate more than losing the points we work so hard to collect.  Over the coming weeks, I'll be going though all of my accounts and will provide some ideas for how to extend the expiration dates for the various programs.

  • American Express Platinum card holders - $200 Airline Reimbursement Choice - this benefit is based on calendar year as opposed to membership year, so if you carry this card you are now eligible for another $200 worth of Airline reimbursements.  You can view or change or airline choice HERE.

  • Also for Amex Platinum Holders, If you haven't already called to have your complimentary Starwood Gold status added to your SPG account, now's as good of a time as any to do so.  Just call the number on the back of your American Express and they'll initiate the call to SPG. 

  • Chase Freedom 5% signup - Gas, Starbucks and Drugstores up to $1,500 of spending - If you carry this card and haven't already activated the 1st quarter benefit, do so now.  The link is HERE 

  • - I used Mr. Rebates for at least half of my online holiday shopping this year, so it's time to check to make sure my purchases are showing up in my account.  My favorite shopping portal is the Chase Ultimate rewards portal but often I find that the cash back percentage is higher at Mr. Rebates.  I've had great results with Mr. Rebates and have only once had a cash back tracking issue which was quickly corrected after I emailed customer service.  Mr. Rebates does reward referrals, so if you decide to give them a try I'd appreciate if you'd use one of my links.

  • Amex Small Business Saturday - if you haven't already, check to make sure you've received your $25 credits on each of the cards you may have used at a participating small business.  If you are still waiting, it's time to send a secure message to customer service through the American Express website.  I actually had a $25 credit that didn't show up due to the charge not posting to my account until 11/25, the day after small business Saturday. A quick note to customer service was all it took to get the credit posted to my account. 

  • Back in September MyPoints had a deal with OpenSky that offered 150 points per dollar spent.  If you participated, you may be sitting on a bunch of MyPoints that need redeemed.  Mommy Points wrote about this recently - read more HERE.

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