Thursday, January 17, 2013

Plastic Jungle - $20 Bonus through 1-19-2013

Plastic Jungle is currently offering a $20 discount off a future purchase of discounted giftcards

It appears that this offer is combinable with TopCashBack for an additional 2.5%.  I'm not a big fan of TopCashBack compared to other cash-back shopping sites, but they are the only one with a link for Plastic Jungle, so in this case they'll get my business.

This is a pretty good offer on it's own if you happen to have a couple of gift cards that you need to liquidate.  It can be an even better offer if you recently used your AmEx Platinum $200 airline reimbursement to pick up a couple of American Airlines gift cards.   It just so happens that I did this just last week, so I have $200 worth of AA giftcards that I've got no immediate plans for.  I'll get $160 cash for the gift cards, $4 from TopCashBack (hopefully) and $20 towards a future giftcard purchase.  In this case I value the cash now over the airline giftcards to use at a later date, so sometime today I'll be taking advantage of the offer.

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